Navajeevan, Vellanad, Vellanad P.O

The Trust helps the poorest students for higher education especially M.B.B.S, Civil service, Nursing, Engineering, IT and Polytechnic etc.

The trust is always keen to extend a helping hand for the marriage of poor girls from very poor families, medical help to buy medicine for the unable.

The Trust donates for poor people to make maintenance of their old and un-useful small huts and also to build small houses.

It helps to find jobs for women in order to meet their daily bread and to look after their families.

The Trust gives awareness against alcoholism, drugs addicts and wrong friendships especially for Teen age.

The Trust gives training and orientation about Bio-cultivation, Healthy food and Green energy. It conducts study tours for poorest students and imparts knowledge about Ecology, Ayurvedic medicines, heritages of culture and technology.

In order to improve the arts and cultural skills the trust gives donation for learning musical instruments, vocal music, yoga and meditation etc.

At present the Trust gives donation to the Navajeevan Home for boys for their studies, medical help and allowance to the women helpers as part of women empowerment. The students are admitted here from the poorest and broken families, no other way to be at home and no hope for further studies from 1st class to 10th class. Most of them are from Fishermen and back ward communities. The thrust of the institution is to develop the skills of students especially in studies, sports, arts and discipline etc. The Donation was given to construct the Navajeevan Silver Jubilee Memorial Hall and inaugurated on 24.06.2017 where now can be accommodated 100 students.